“Teodor is one of our go-to authors at Shadeena Entertainment. Throughout all our projects together Teodor has been receptive to feedback, showed both skill and flexibility in his craft and added a layer of creativity throughout to make the projects shine.”
Martin Bonnici, Producer (Shadeena Entertainment)

“Having quite a few authors on my rolodex, Teodor Reljic is my go-to writer for offbeat, crisp, engaging texts. His patented mix of effortless cool and razor-sharp English gives his writing an edge when it comes to retaining readers’ attention. Be it turning a historical fiction narrative into a gothic cabinet of curiosities, or delivering a novel that even now – some years after publication – defies categorisation and is a hit with readers looking for something different in the local scene, he has yet to disappoint. Both of Reljic’s titles published here at Merlin, have been shortlisted for the National Book Awards.”
Chris Gruppetta, Director (Merlin Publishers)

“I’ve known Teodor for a few years now and I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with him on textual material for Archived Futures Harvest, a ‘Futures’ exhibition. As a writer, Teodor’s mental agility makes his idiom rich and deep. When editing, he’s perceptive and rigorous. A great guy to work with overall who brings knowledge, skill and inspiration to the project. Looking forward to the next opportunity to work together.”
Glen Calleja, Writer and Book Artist (Kotba Calleja)

“Teodor is undoubtedly the best film critic to have, and thankfully he is MaltaToday’s culture editor… the man in the know, the arts community’s favourite hack, and first to reveal Malta’s newest acts and happenings. A rarity in the press world: the elegant writer and literary connoisseur.”
Matthew Vella, Executive Editor (MaltaToday)

“I know Teodor in his capacity of editor for ENCORE Arts & Culture magazine. In his articles, Teodor combines cultural journalism with his own style of creative writing to craft a narrative that is both informative and inspiring. His grasp on the local and international art scene infuses his writings with a global dimension.”
Ruben Zahra, Composer/Producer/Cultural Entrepreneur

“As an editor, finding professional writers I can rely on to deliver well-thought-out, well-executed content for our magazine hasn’t always been easy. Teodor always stepped up when needed. His dry wit is also part of the deal, easing stress from time to time and cementing his position as an essential member of my writing team.”
Cassi Camilleri, Editor (THINK Magazine)

“For the past couple of years, Teodor has been a reliable asset who continually adds value to our creative team with quality content, fresh ideas and delivering effective communication to the target audience.”
Brad Bartolo Frendo, CEO (Eight Eight)

“Teodor worked with us at Systemato for around three years, cementing his reputation as a hard-working, diligent, and incredibly able writer. In his time with us, the content we gave him to write ranged from the most boring, inane topics imaginable to technical, in depth writing, and Teodor delivered it all on time and to spec. I would recommend Teodor and his work any day.
Mark Debono (Systemato)


Should you be interested in hiring me for any freelance writing work — be it scriptwriting, journalism or copy writing/editing, among other things — please do not hesitate to get in touch on teodoreljic [at] gmail.com