Interviews & Media Appearances

ZfinMalta Podcast #14 – ‘Alliance’ (May 2020)

I’m allergic to dance itself, so it was all the more flattering to be invited on this podcast, created under the umbrella of Malta’s national dance company, to discuss the importance of ‘alliance’ and collaboration in the arts along with curator and cultural manager Elyse Tonna and director, dancer and choreographer Diane Portelli.
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Librarian on Lockdown (April 2020)

Screenshot 2020-07-28 at 11.55.09The titular librarian Noel Tanti invited me to create a Top Five list of personal Marvel favourites out of what’s available on the Malta Libraries stash. A bit of good nostalgic fun was had with this one, and listsicles never hurt anybody (in moderation).
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Good Faith with Christian Peregin (September 2019)

Good Faith Podcast Chris Peregin Teodor Reljic

Wide-ranging and by turns both intense and relaxed conversation with Christian Peregin. The somewhat piratical existence of being both a migrant and a creative freelancer in Malta, the degeneration of Malta’s urban landscape and the virtues of chaos magic are all thrown into the mix. Enjoy!

Taħt il-Qoxra (April 2019)

Discussing ‘Camilla’ with co-writer and director Stephanie Sant on the National Book Council’s radio programme ‘Taht Il-Qoxra’, presented by Rachelle Deguara. (Maltese).
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teo & stephanie

Wiċċ imb Wiċċ (June 2018)

I was invited to speak about the books that continue to leave a lasting impression on me to this day.

‘Xi qrajt dan l-aħħar?’ (June 2016)

I was asked to pick a recent favourite – the honour went to the first volume of Kelly Sue Deconnick, Emma Rios and Jordie Bellaire’s wild, surreal and unforgettable comic book series Pretty Deadly.

BBC Radio Scotland: Call Kaye (February 2013)

In my capacity as Culture Editor for the national newspaper MaltaToday, I was invited to give his take on what was then a mildly scandalous but also rather hilarious public appointment: that of has-been Brit heartthrob Peter Andre as ‘cultural ambassador’ to Malta’s capital city of Valletta.
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