Interviews & Media Appearances

Good Faith with Christian Peregin (September 2019)

Good Faith Podcast Chris Peregin Teodor Reljic

Wide-ranging and by turns both intense and relaxed conversation with Christian Peregin. The somewhat piratical existence of being both a migrant and a creative freelancer in Malta, the degeneration of Malta’s urban landscape and the virtues of chaos magic are all thrown into the mix. Enjoy!

Taħt il-Qoxra (April 2019)

Discussing ‘Camilla’ with co-writer and director Stephanie Sant on the National Book Council’s radio programme ‘Taht Il-Qoxra’, presented by Rachelle Deguara. (Maltese).
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teo & stephanie

Wiċċ imb Wiċċ (June 2018)

Reljić is invited to speak about the books that continue to leave a lasting impression on him to this day.

‘Xi qrajt dan l-aħħar?’ (June 2016)

Reljić is asked to pick a recent favourite – the honour went to the first volume of Kelly Sue Deconnick, Emma Rios and Jordie Bellaire’s wild, surreal and unforgettable comic book series Pretty Deadly.

BBC Radio Scotland: Call Kaye (February 2013)

In his capacity as Culture Editor for the national newspaper MaltaToday, Reljić was invited to give his take on what was then a mildly scandalous but also rather hilarious public appointment: that of has-been Brit heartthrob Peter Andre as ‘cultural ambassador’ to Malta’s capital city of Valletta.
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