This is a site that reflects a preference for the internet before social media. Hence the name of this blog-cum-website: incendiary opinions and endless flamewars are tiring and useless to me, but I acknowledge disturbance to be essential to progress and interesting endeavour of any kind.

But if we keep things soft, maybe we can preserve our sanity. And more importantly, our coherence.

I am a writer by vocation and intermittently by profession – that is, when the fluctuating economic realities of our world allow me to work as a freelancer, as I have done in the years between 2016 and covid.

Still, I maintain a steady churn of projects going regardless. You can find out more about them on the dedicated pages linked above.

Apart from the usual smattering of self-promotion and self-indulgence that is de rigeur among bloggers worldwide, Soft Disturbances is the place where my reflections come to have a nice stretch, freed from the confines of word counts, deadlines and assigned topics.

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