Writing is a broad church for me, and I’ve got the experience to match. Scroll down to see what piques your interest from the services on offer.

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Trolic Freelancing


With over 15 years of experience under my belt in both newsroom settings and as a freelancer, I can guarantee both quality and speedy delivery when it comes to feature writing, cultural think pieces, and book and film reviews. Editing and proofreading services are also on offer.

“A rarity in the press world: the elegant writer and literary connoisseur.”
Matthew Vella, Executive Editor (MaltaToday)

“In his articles, Teodor combines cultural journalism with his own style of creative writing to craft a narrative that is both informative and inspiring. His grasp on the local and international art scene infuses his writings with a global dimension.”
Ruben Zahra, Composer/Producer/Cultural Entrepreneur

“As an editor, finding professional writers I can rely on to deliver well-thought-out, well-executed content for our magazine hasn’t always been easy. Teodor always stepped up when needed. His dry wit is also part of the deal, easing stress from time to time and cementing his position as an essential member of my writing team.”
Cassi Camilleri, Former Editor (THINK Magazine)

Content Writing

Online content writing for entities wishing to promote their products and services has become something of a secondary stock in trade for me, and in a lot of ways — strangely enough for some, perhaps — I often find it to be the more relaxing, less complicated practice when compared to the more sanguine pursuits of journalism and creative writing.

There’s something reassuring about plying one’s technical-linguistic skills for the benefit of an enthusiastic client who knows what they need, and who’s willing to discuss the exact shape of the trajectory they want to use to get there. Gone are the doubts and nail-biting moments staring at the blank page: this is all about collaborating to ensure we come up with the best possible product together.

“Teodor has been a reliable asset who continually adds value to our creative team with quality content, fresh ideas and delivering effective communication to the target audience.”
Brad Bartolo Frendo, CEO (Eight Eight)

“Teodor worked with us at Systemato for around three years, cementing his reputation as a hard-working, diligent, and incredibly able writer. In his time with us, the content we gave him to write ranged from the most boring, inane topics imaginable to technical, in depth writing, and Teodor delivered it all on time and to spec. I would recommend Teodor and his work any day.
Mark Debono (Systemato)

“Teodor is a much-appreciated member of our out-house writing team and we are always happy to work with him when the opportunity arises. He has always shown himself to be reliable, creative, diligent and pleasant in his dealings with us, and we would recommend his services to anyone seeking a freelance writer.”
Jo Caruana (WriteMeAnything)

“For a business owner, distilling product values into coherent and engaging messaging that consumers can understand is key – Teodor does just that. He is incisive in approach and meticulous in his delivery. He’s the go-to writer my team and I can trust.”
Michael Azzopardi, Co-founder (

Scriptwriting and Fiction 


Not gonna lie: this is where the passion’s at. I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with some amazing people over the years on projects that range from books, films and — latterly — comic books and transmedia projects, and I honestly hope to continue in this vein. Needless to say, anybody with an offer along these lines will be greeted with wide open arms. Find out more here and here.

“Teodor is one of our go-to authors at Shadeena Entertainment. Throughout all our projects together Teodor has been receptive to feedback, showed both skill and flexibility in his craft and added a layer of creativity throughout to make the projects shine.”
Martin Bonnici, Producer (Shadeena Entertainment)

“Having quite a few authors on my rolodex, Teodor Reljic is my go-to writer for offbeat, crisp, engaging texts. His patented mix of effortless cool and razor-sharp English gives his writing an edge when it comes to retaining readers’ attention. Be it turning a historical fiction narrative into a gothic cabinet of curiosities, or delivering a novel that even now – some years after publication – defies categorisation and is a hit with readers looking for something different in the local scene, he has yet to disappoint. Both of Reljic’s titles published here at Merlin, have been shortlisted for the National Book Awards.”
Chris Gruppetta, Director (Merlin Publishers)

“As a writer, Teodor’s mental agility makes his idiom rich and deep. When editing, he’s perceptive and rigorous. A great guy to work with overall who brings knowledge, skill and inspiration to the project. Looking forward to the next opportunity to work together.”
Glen Calleja, Writer and Book Artist (Kotba Calleja)

NEW: Storytelling Workshops 

Building a story

Teodor Reljic delivering a presentation on story structure in Gozo as part of the satellite events series leading up to the 2018 editon of the Malta Mediterranean Literature Festiva 2018

I’ve been joyfully teaching the art of creative writing within the English Department of the University of Malta over the past few years. It’s a discipline that energises me to the full, not least because it provides me with a through-line to all the important things that working writers need never lose sight of as they work on one project after another.

So, be it through Skype or in-person sessions, whenever covid-19 allows us to meet each other regularly, I am offering workshops in storytelling that cover a wide range of topics and will suit a variety of needs.

As a published author and screenwriter informed by a solid background in English literature and a long career as a film critic, I will help you hone your story based on a judiciously applied universal principles of the craft, whether you intend to write novels, poetry, screenplays, comic book scripts or anything else that comes in the form of a narrative.

“I worked with Teodor on a story for a potential graphic novel that I am developing. Teodor was able to assist me with developing the story arc and going through the different parts of the story. I found this part very useful and fascinating. I felt the draft to improve greatly following his input. Teodor provides constructive and rather straight forward criticism. His broad knowledge on different film genres is helpful when going through the story. I would recommend Teodor for such workshops.”
Fabrizio Ellul, Creative Director (Filfla Studio)

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