Set to be launched in late 2018, MIBDUL is a six-issue comic book series written by Teodor Reljic and illustrated by Inez Kristina.

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Published by Merlin Publishers, it will be Malta’s very first serialized comic, running in monthly installments for six months and available in all leading outlets. International readers will be able to order it stress-free from Merlin’s own website.

MIBDUL is a coming-of-age story set on an alien planet with distinct parallels to our own, in which a young girl, Magla, uncovers some shocking facts about her family history as her home planet, the titular Mibdul, is being ravaged by monsters from its inner depths.

Mibdul’s leaders are more interested in how they can exploit this sudden natural catastrophe for their gain, however. But Magla — and her newfound powers — may have different ideas about how this will all go down.

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