Le Monde N’est Pas Rond

My story, ‘Bones’ has been published on the newly-revamped zine Le Monde N’est Pas Rond, accompanied by an illustration by the always-great Daniela Attard (‘Iella‘).

Bones by Daniela Attard

Bones by Daniela Attard

Run by my friend Antoine Cassar, ‘Le Monde’ is a truly dynamic, multicultural and multilingual publication that takes a creative approach to migration, borders and human rights. Do give it a look.

One thought on “Le Monde N’est Pas Rond

  1. Whilst reading this, it was like a comforting liquid was pouring over me – then it turned into a fist tightening my insides; but the pain was also delicious pleasure.

    In other words, I like it, well done. 🙂 x

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